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‹***It's*Raining*Goats*and*Gerbils***› 30 August 2017  
I just wanted to be a part of your Q&A so hi bitch... uhm bye *vanishes*
Thel0s7One 30 August 2017  
Well that was fast o.o
pussydestroyer 10 July 2017  
i have only just figured out that ur username is meant to say "the lost one"
i've been reading it as "the iOS 7 one" for years
oh my god
Thel0s7One 10 July 2017  
Lol well thats defiantly the first time I've heard that one.
‹duck fucks› 10 September 2016  
HEY so my internet browser is being a dick and????? i  dont know what to do about it and
it's not letting the send message button appear for you so that's why i havent replied
Thel0s7One 10 September 2016  
lol cx alright.
‹psychosocial› 19 December 2014  
Just wanted to say I love you baby <3
Thel0s7One 19 December 2014  
aww c: I love you too hun <3
Monsters_In_My_Head 16 November 2014  
-Gives Cookie-
Thel0s7One 16 November 2014  
yay c: cookie!! thank you
Monsters_In_My_Head 16 November 2014  
Hey you With the face :P
Thel0s7One 16 November 2014  
me? o.o
‹psychosocial› 19 October 2014  
mew x.x
Thel0s7One 19 October 2014  
mew cx
‹psychosocial› 12 October 2014  
Thel0s7One 12 October 2014  
hey there c:
‹psychosocial› 9 September 2014  
mew owo
Thel0s7One 9 September 2014  
lol kitty c: *hugs*
‹psychosocial› 31 August 2014  
come sex me xD
Thel0s7One 31 August 2014  
lol have you been a good girl cx

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